Tempura Communications was founded in 2002. We brought our extensive experience working in the Web based software, IT, systems development, integration and video conferencing industry to the business client base. The company started by specialising in IP infrastructure and telecom links, enabling solutions and providing access to products and services from Tier 1 ISPs; to the reseller channel in the UK and Ireland.

Tempura provided hosting solutions, and data and internet connectivity from inception to present day. Its first vendor partners were BT, Interoute (was easynet) and Verizon then Worldcom. In 2006 other ISP relationships were created, plus the addition of VOIP hosted services. ISPs included NTL/Telewest now Virgin, MDNX, Bulldog then Cable & Wireless now Vodafone, KCOM, Global Crossing and others.

Tempura moved from its office in Bath to split into 2 offices, one in Bristol and one in Basingstoke. In July 2007 we closed both and moved to Tempura’s fully-owned premises in Basingstoke, where we still are today. Matthew then strategically opened another office in Canary Wharf in London in 2012, which followed an office in Dublin, Ireland 2 years earlier in 2010.

In 2008, we saw an opportunity for the business to venture into video conferencing. It secured a distributor level accreditation from Vidyo initially and then Lifesize, and more recently in 2015 added Yealink and since have continued to add related brands providing complimentary products, accessories and services.

This gave the business a big boost from providing VoIP and internet connections, attracting more resellers in the audio visual industry, IT and video conferencing space.

With Vidyo®, to launch Tempura Telepresence. The service was based on Vidyo’s groundbreaking video conference technology called VidyoDesktop. Tempura Telepresence allowed individual users to participate in videoconferencing, as easily as making phone calls or sending emails. Tempura branded this service as easy.vc today, offering both desktop and room system cloud integration on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription basis. This solution was branded as easy.vc and continues today.

With Lifesize the partnership was set-up as a Hosted Services provider distributor with TempuraVIDEO offering hosted bridges, ISDN Gateway, Recording products and hosted firewall traversal; as well as providing partners access to the full product range of systems. These services are still current today and compliment Lifesize own Cloud based solutions providing an integrated solution with Lifesize endpoints.

More recently Yealink 2nd Generation videoconferencing systems have created disruption to the market with aggressively priced fully featured systems that have innovation with USB recording, wireless data sharing and announced a native Microsoft Teams line up. The systems are designed to connect to industry leading Cloud providers services such as Zoom, BlueJeans, Videxio/Pexip and StarLeaf. 

Tempura have re-engaged with StarLeaf thats to their 2 areas of speciality in the UC OpenCloud service for standards based video – that not only provide a feature rich Cloud service for StarLeaf endpoints but also a platform to connect 3rd party endpoints from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Yealink and others. The 2nd area provides native Microsoft Skype for Business connectivity with complete end point management software Maestro meaning IT Support within the clients can properly manage these solutions as with standards based video solutions.

Over the years, Tempura has effectively enabled internet connectivity, Voice services and video conferencing solutions for varying businesses; from small businesses, to hotel chains, government departments and the largest and well-known companies in the world, through a network of local focussed partners to the largest Value added Resellers in the country.

Tempura Communications continues to lead in the distribution of VoIP, connectivity, and video conferencing solutions supplying to over 1,000 resellers from a base of over 6500 partners in the UK and Ireland. The business has kept its strong vendor partnerships and has recently added multiple options of IP voice handset and video conferencing systems, and Heckler Design – Table Meeting Room chassis and consoles to its portfolio.

Today Tempura supply services from over 100 different vendors that complement the vision via the primary solutions and services identified from day 1. The focus of the organisation remains on the supply of the best products and therefore solutions, to the best clients managed via a great team of Partners supported by the team at Tempura.

The Portfolio is split across 3 distinct areas, Networking, Voice and Video; the range of professional services we offer bring together best of breed products to create some of the best solutions available anywhere. New innovative products from Logitech, AVer and services from Lifesize, bespoke design video call centres from Vidyo, and new videophone technologies from Yealink, along with aggressive pricing and product offerings from easynet, Colt, Virgin and Vodafone; connectivity and hosting solutions provide exciting times with changing horizons,with a portfolio that is always fresh and up to date.

Tempura Ireland website: http://www.tempura.ie

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  • The combination of the solutions offered and the advice and consultancy given at presale stage and then ongoing was second to none. The rollout of Lifesize video solutions across the organisation helped ensure a rapidly deployed solution that enabled us to realise a return on investment from day one.

    Robert Wilson, MIS, UK Government.

  • Our new tag line “Connecting Productivity” really helps define what Tempura are about. The mixture of network, voice and video along with professional services, and complimentary products helps us deliver solutions through our partner network to any size organisation.

    Matthew Light, Managing Director, Tempura Technology Group.

  • The advice offered by Tempura enabled us to make a great decision in deploying the correct network solution for all of our UK and Ireland offices when shifting our HQ and moving to a Cloud based CRM.

    Nick Crisci, IT Manager, EA

  • Amazing service you offer - wish I could buy all items I sell from Tempura.

    Charles Mitchell, POS Hardware Ltd. 22/05/2019

  • “Yealink presents a cost effective competitor to the more traditional VC market, namely those related more historically to Video conferencing.

    In WWF-UK’s specific context, we’re approaching users that are very used to conference desk telephones, so the CP960 presents less of an emotional challenge to users “in the moment”.

    Lastly; the form factor, feature-set and price point of the UVC30 camera presents an unbeatable solution considering the positives with auto-framing with users that aren’t keen to check how they look before they start a call.”


    Matt Taylor AV and Tech manager at WWFUK 06/02/2020