Voice Case Study

In “Working with VoIP,” the first chapter from the book “Voice over IP Security”, Patrick Park identifies some of the benefits of using VoIP technologies.

  • Cost savings
  • Rich media service
  • Phone portability
  • Service mobility
  • Integration and collaboration with other applications
  • User control interface
  • No geographical boundary
  • Rich features

Despite the fact that VoIP is technologically superior to regular telephony and mobile phones in so many ways, any business can immediately save on phone service associated costs, wit even the most basic business VoIP system. Most firms report at least a 35 percent reduction in cost, with many reporting as much as an 80 percent overall savings.

Here are some of the verticals that Tempura Voice customers are reaping the benefit of our solutions:

  • Charity Organisations
  • Manufacturing
  • Call Centres
  • Technology Resellers