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    Please complete the form below. The request with generate an electronic loan request contract once approved. The maximum loan period is 14 days. All parts and original packaging needs to be returned to Tempura Basingstoke before the end of the trial period in original packaging.

    Please note that stocks for trial purposes are limited. Please notify us regarding any urgent requirement. We also offer a buy and try option where there is little chance the unit will come back once on site, so each Buy/Try is shipped from stock on the day of the order as a brand new system.

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    If you do not have an account we will require an account for prior to the commencement of a trial. If you are not a reseller we will organise one to contact you to process the trial. If you have a preferred technology partner please list them in the project detail below.

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    Goods loaned will be invoiced if the loan period exceeds the trail period. Goods with missing or damaged parts will be invoiced for their value up to the maximum value of the goods in total.

    An electronic contract will be provided for authorised signature prior to dispatch of any trial units.

    Trials are only accepted from current reseller customers with a trading account.