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Dates system required for (max 5 working days)

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Phone number

Locations for demo/trial

IP Service available(please circle)
ADSLSDSLLease LineInternal Network

Available bandwidth for video conferencing

Is this bandwidth used for any other services?

Is the service uncontended?

You should provide a fixed IP address for each system to be used in the trial/test

Will the system be able to make and/or receive calls to the public network?

Public IP address

Internal IP address

Sub-net mask

Gateway IP address

DNS servers

Is there a firewall in place or DMZ available?(see below firewall ports required)

Is there a spare network port in the room to be used for the demo/trial?

Is there a power socket available in the room within 2 metres of the proposed
location for the video unit to be used for the demo/trial?

Who will be the on-site IT contract for the demo/trial?