Heckler Credenza Solutions

Heckler Credenza – In some environments. Deploying state-of-the-art video conferencing systems is a challenge. Then there’s the challenge of appeasing executives, facilities managers, ADA, electricians, architects, furniture specifiers, and interior designers. Heckler AV Credenza answers these challenges in style..

The Credenza comes with a 2U or 6U option in Black Grey or Sky White, with optional support kit and optional dual screen mount.

H543 – Credenza 6U available in Black Grey or Sky White

H569 – Credenza 2U available in Black Grey or Sky White

H544 – Support Kit for the Black Grey or Sky White solutions above – Changes the load to the floor instead of the wall.

H570 – Dual Mount Kit is an optional add on to the support kit above. screens mount to support kit not the wall.