Heckler Design Tablet Wall Mounts

Heckler Design Tablet Walls Mounts for iPads, including the new Gen7 10.2″, Gen5 and 6, iPad Pro and iPad Mini as well as Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets are all available.

H604 – iPad 10.2″ Gen 7 Side Mount – available in Black Grey or Grey White. Optional POE Kit available. (T272)
H501- iPad 5/6 Gen 9.7″ Side Mount (Shown Right) – available in black/grey or grey/white. (Can be mounted left or right side)
H500 – iPad Mini Side Mount – available in black/grey or grey/white
H590 – Kindle Fire Side Mount – available in Black Grey only.

H605 – iPad 10.2″ Gen 7 Multi-Mount can be mounted front facing at one side or flat against a wall. Available in Black Grey or White
H526- iPad 5/6 Gen 9.7″ Multi-mount can be mounted front mounted on one side or flat to wall – available in black/grey or grey/white
H527 – iPad Mini Multi-Mount as above. (Shown Below)
H591 – Kindle Fire Multi-mount as above – available in Black Grey only.

H609- iPad 7 Gen 10.2″ Front Mount – as H605 above without the option to angle the chassis.
H517 – iPad Mini Front Mount as above.

Optional Power Over Ethernet and Gigabit network connectivity module.

T272 POE and Gigabit Networking

T283/T255 – POE only encased

T241 – POE only – PCB Board








H610 – iPad 10.2″ 7th Generation Wall Mount available in Black Grey or Grey White
H608 – as above with integrated POE included
H481 – iPad Gen5/6 9.7″ Wall Mount available in Black/Grey or White/Grey.
H480 – iPad mini version of above. (Shown Right)
H565 – iPad Mini version of above with integrated POE Module.


Also available is a range of Camera wall mounts. A Universal version and Specific designed versions for the most common cameras.