ICON 450

The Lifesize ICON 450 is the latest product to join the ICON range. Designed for a small meeting room or huddle room videoconferencing system. Supplied with the Phone HD Speaker MIC which acts as a conference phone as well as providing the microphone and speaker for the call. The system is designed to connect to a single HD display ticon450o video enable rooms that traditional have been left with just an audio conference phone or standard telephone in. The solution is designed to be paired with the Lifesize Cloud service. The smart framing sensor and wide angle lens means the camera automatically adjusts to ensure all participants are within the picture automatically.


  • System with embedded PTZ camera (82 degrees horizontal)
  • Lifesize Phone HD
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Power supply and cable
  • Support for single display

The new Lifesize Cloud Room based Subscription allows for a Cloud Based 8 way Virtual Meeting Room, with centralised management control portal to be added. This gives the ability of up to 7 other guest joing the call from Lifesize Cloud desktop/mobile application as a guest user, or from any other standards based videoconferencing system or dial in as a voice participant.

Icon450 Datasheet

Suggested Add-on:  Lifesize Cloud Premium