ICON 800Icon800

The Lifesize ICON 800 is an integrator version of the ICON 600. The system is rack mountable and has additional connectors and ports for a wide variety of AV connectivity. The unit is supplied with a 10x Camera and 2nd Generation Phone.

  • Lifesize Icon 800 video system, with rack mounts attached
  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Link Adapter
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Cables

The new Lifesize Cloud Room based Subscription allows for a Cloud Based 8 way Virtual Meeting Room, with centralised management control portal to be added. This gives the ability of up to 7 other guest joing the call from Lifesize Cloud desktop/mobile application as a guest user, or from any other standards based videoconferencing system or dial in as a voice participant.

Icon800 Datasheet

Suggested Add-on: Lifesize Phone HD