One of the best marketing activities available and readily supported by Lifesize is the ‘Room in Action’ event. Hosting a ‘Room in Action’ gives you the chance to invite your customers to experience the quality of business class high definition video conferencing. It is the perfect opportunity to get prospects immersed and experiencing first-hand how high definition video conferencing from Lifesize is different from any other video conferencing solution. Using the latest cloud technology and on premise infrastructure, we can set up a live and fully interactive demonstration for a number of prospects in a set time frame.

The GherkinA ‘Room in Action’ is a half day event, typically held at your own location, Tempura House in Basingstoke, or at the London Gherkin.

All this is worth over £2500 and you don’t pay a penny!

All we ask from you is a date commitment, and a minimum of 8-10 of your customers to join us for the meeting.

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