Phoenix Stingray

The Phoenix Stingray (MT700)  – is an all in one rack mountable DSP Device that serves as an easy to install solution for integrated rooms. It supports multiple interfaces, and inputs and offers a built in amplifier. The DSP is a perfect partner for use with the Sennhesier Team Connect Ceiling Tile Microphone. 

MT700 – Rackmountable Phoenix Stingray DSP

MT720 – Optional XLR to Terminal Block Converter.

MT730- Optional Wall Mount Bracket – used to connect DSP onto wall. Can be installed behind Wall Mountable TV for discreet install when not using AV Rack.

The Stingray is an all-in-one smart DSP mixer, utilizing Phoenix’s proprietary distributed array technology. Each unit mixes up to four microphone inputs and performs echo canceling, noise canceling, AGC, and other algorithms to enhance your conferencing experience. The Stingray also supports four auxiliary inputs that can be reinforced for local playback. Each unit comes with four 15 Watt speaker amplifiers as well as SIP, USB, and analog interfaces, supporting any kind of conferencing platform. 

Phoenix also integrated its daisy chain technology into the Stingray. This allows 15 Stingray units to be easily connected to each other, allowing for up to 60 mixed microphone inputs, and the playback of the far end through up to 60 amplified 15 Watt speakers. The daisy chain can be broken into any number of zones using a simple interface setup, making it the perfect device for large rooms that can be partitioned. Each zone can interface independently with its own conferencing application through its built-in SIP, USB, and/or analog interface.

The chain of Stingrays can be programmed through a local area network by remotely logging into any unit using a web browser. Programming and controlling can also be done via the unit’s front panel display.