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New Heckler Design iPad and Mac book Stands for the home of office.

Yealink provide telephony solutions and videoconferencing for business and some of the products are ideal for deployment within a small office and home office environment. These solutions ultimately depend on the cloud based environments being deployed. Yealink have solutions for Standard SIP Telephony, as well as Microsoft Teams and Zoom Voice and Videoconferencing as well as for Standard based Cloud providers such as Pexip and Blue Jeans. Yealink have a range for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Starleaf specifically as well as products that are completely universal for any environment such as Web Cameras, Speaker Microphones and Headsets.

 Video communications from home where connections into co-workers, customers and suppliers can still be maintain a high quality experience utilising the correct products provides a professional image, even if there are kids and pets in the background!

Yealink Work from Home Offering

Key products: 

Heckler Design H620BG

iPad/Tablet Stand Tall. Compatible with most Tablets and the entire Apple iPad Range. Mount Landscape or Portrait.

Heckler Design H621BG

Mac book/Notebook Stand. Raises height of laptop and screen. Perfect for space saving as well as using as a monitor when attached separate keyboard and mouse/track pad.

Yealink VP59

2 versions of the product. 1 for connecting into Microsoft Teams and the other Standards based for connecting to PEXIP, Bluejeans or via Starleaf software download – Starleaf cloud.

The camera can be moved from the phone to on top of a monitor and if you connect a screen to the unit then then the TV becomes the display rather than the inbuilt screen.

Yealink UVC30 4K USB Camera

2 versions of the product, that look identical. 1 designed as a personal camera and the other for small huddle room environments. Both support smart auto framing technology, both 4K and both with a  3 times digital zoom. Designed to sit on the top of a TV or monitor. These provide a high quality 120 degree wide angled camera for use with any videoconferencing application including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Lifesize Cloud, Starleaf Cloud, and others. The personal version has an inbuilt MIC and supports Microsoft Hello. The Room version comes with a 3m USB Cable rather than 1.6m on the personal version.

Yealink CP700/CP900

Yealink CP700 and CP900 personal/small room Speaker and Microphone with Bluetooth connectivity options. These devices are used instead of a headset where the environment is more private such as a small office study at home or a Huddle Room in the office. Providing USB Connection to provide the echo cancelling speaker and high quality microphone, its the ideal device to pair with the UVC30 camera. The Bluetooth functionality provides increased quality hands free audio when paired to a mobile phone (As well as a speaker to play music!)

Yealink UH36 Headset

Yealink UH36 Headsets for less private environment or for people on the go, are USB wired headsets. 2 options described as MONO for one ear (So you can hear what else is going on around you) or the dual version for both ears. Certified for use with Microsoft Teams, these are universal USB headsets to work with any desktop based videoconferencing software or connect to any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack thanks to the converter cable included.

50% off RRP NFR – Not for Resale units available

Yealink VC200

Yealink VC200 is a standards based video appliance. Its used for executives at home as well as small meeting rooms in the office. The all in one unit sits on the TV or Monitor and is commonly used to connect to Zoom via Zooms Room connector license, or to cloud services from PEXIP and Blue Jeans. 4K camera, 6 beam forming microphones, and connects to the TV for speakers or can be paired with the optional CP960 Conference phone and controller. The unit supports POE, has an optional wireless data sharing dongle and can connect via LAN Cable or WIFI.

Yealink VC210 for Microsoft Teams

Yealink collaboration bar designed specifically for Microsoft Teams only. This all in one device requires connection into an existing Office 365 account and as a full appliance means no PC needed. Connect 3 cables (Power, HDMI to TV and Network Cable) and the unit sits on top of the TV or monitor and is ready to go. Comes with the CP900 for speaker and Mic.