Tempura are working with Zoom and its partner base to provide a simplified way to source the required hardware for the Zoom Rooms solutions. Thanks to our distribution relationship we provide active Zoom partners with Camera solutions from AVer and Logitech as well as accessories such as iPad units, iPad stands, Screens and Mounts and Intel NUC Room Based PCs. The iPad mounts, NUC Room PC and TV Stands are all branded with Zoom. We also have set bundles with a single part number to provide the most common bundles. 


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Part Number Description RRP (ex VAT)
AV-ZOOMBUNDLE1 Zoom Rooms Bundle, AVer CAM340 4K Camera, FONE520 USB Speaker MIC, iPad WiFi 32GB, Heckler Zoom Rooms Console. £1481
AV-ZOOMBUNDLE2 Zoom Rooms Bundle, AVer VC322 PTZ Camera with Speaker MIC, iPad WiFi 32Gb, Heckler Zoom Rooms Console £1307
AV-ZOOMBUNDLE3 Zoom Rooms Bundle AVer VC520+ PTZ Camera with Spear MIC for Large Room, iPad WiFi 32Gb. Heckler Zoom Rooms Console £1494
AV-ZOOMBUNDLE4 Zoom Rooms Bundle AVer VB342 Soundbar for Huddle Room with Camera and Speakers, iPad WiFi 32Gb, Heckler Zoom Rooms Console £1541
LT-ZOOMBUNDLE1 Zoom Rooms Bundle Logitech Group, iPad WiFi 32Gb, Zoom Rooms Console £1706
LT-ZOOMBUNDLE2 Zoom Rooms Bundle Logitech Meetup, iPad WiFi 32Gb, Zoom Rooms Console £1606

Cameras and Stands/Mount and Screens and the NUC PC solutions are available separately.