Video Conferencing

Tempura have provided solutions for videoconferencing since 2009 and work with multiple vendors to provide the perfect solution to the client requirement. From USB cameras to connect to PCs for personal use or for room based videoconferencing using existing videoconferencing software, through to dedicated video appliances that are either connected a cloud based service to provide additional features right through to integrated videoconferencing technology that can sit within the enterprise that works with integration and development software kits to provide a seamless video experience to existing solutions.nuc_tempura

Video conferencing builds relationships, irrespective of distance. In business, it is especially important to foster strong, connected relationships with colleagues, customers and vendors; and that type of engagement can only be achieved through genuine, true-to-life interpersonal communication.


For clients using videoconferencing software and want a room based PC dedicated we offer the TempuraConnect Group PC, with a choice of cameras from AVer and screens to support either existing video software or any of the vendors we carry pre-installed.