Video Conferencing

Tempura have provided solutions for videoconferencing since 2009 when we started distributing products and services from Vidyo and Lifesize, and work with them and more vendors to provide the perfect solution to our partners client requirement. From USB cameras to connect to PCs for personal use or for room based videoconferencing using existing videoconferencing software, through to dedicated video appliances that are either connected to a cloud based service to provide additional features right through to integrated videoconferencing technology that can sit within the enterprise that works with integration and development software kits to provide a seamless video experience to existing solutions.nuc_tempura

Our Microsoft surface device partner status enables us to provide solutions paired with Surface Pro and Surface Hub technologies to work within Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams environments, complimented with Logitech camera and audio solutions. 

For clients using videoconferencing software and that want a room based PC dedicated we offer the TempuraConnect Group PC, with a choice of cameras from AVer, Logitech and Sony and display options from Samsung to support either existing video software such as Zoom or Skype for Business or any of the vendors we carry with applications pre-installed on a Windows 10 Pro operating system NUC PC or supplying the cameras and audio for existing PCs or Laptops.

StarLeaf provide 2 sides to their portfolio, one dedicated to native Skype for Business, the other based on standards based video paired to the StarLeaf Cloud. The StarLeaf cloud supports connectivity from almost any standards based video with full integration including directory and extension based dialing as well as Skype for Business integration.

Lifesize Integrated Icon Room systems paired to Lifesize Cloud subscription services are a very compelling solution to provide ease of use operation and scale at room and desktop level. The latest System Warranty services include end point registration cloud services, and with optional Skype for Business Gateway services, Cloud VMR and Recording can be added to the subscription, providing low reoccurring subscription costs.

Yealink have released their 2nd Generation systems with the VC500 and VC800 room systems, along with YMS to enable public or private Cloud based infrastructure, and announced more products at ISE in 2018 including the VC200 Huddle Room system, and the VC880 Integrator unit as well as launching both Free and chargeable versions of Cloud services. We have demo systems available for trial or display systems at our offices to view of everything we carry. This adds to the Videophone, and desktop/mobile personal conferencing software available already from Yealink. The new systems feature a touch screen conference phone and DECT Based wireless MICPODS, all systems support 1 or 2 screens attached and have USB Recording as standard. Systems are designed to sit standalone, or connect to 3rd party services such as, StarLeaf OpenCloud, Blue Jeans, Pexip, Zoom and other standards based services or the YMS on-premise infrastructure or the new Videxio Cloud services branded under our brand.

We are actively recruiting more partners for Yealink as their portfolio gathers pace, and with fantastic partner margin opportunities with disruptive retail pricing, all whilst advancing in technology with integration partnerships with the leading cloud providers and technology such as DECT MIC PODS with a desire to work with Video Service Providers and IT and AV Resellers in the UK and Ireland. Resellers can purchase a demo system of the Yealink VC800 with inbuilt 24-way VMR, Dual Screen capable, with 12x Zoom PTZ camera, Touch screen Phone with 2 DECT Wireless MICS and a USB Key for Recording with 1 year AMS Warranty for £1800 + VAT provided in a branded flight case and receive a free T49G Video Phone as part of the accreditation sign up. With Yealink now offering free of charge SIP and H323 Registrar services for their end points, and a desire to be the number one provider by 2020 we are looking for partners to help make that happen and join the journey.

Tempura are providing hardware for Zoom Rooms with bundles to provide simplified ordering on equipment, as well as products dedicated to the Zoom environment.

Please contact us if you need more information on the partner program, or to book a visit at our location or yours or to test any of the equipment we carry.