Konftel Conference PhonesKonftel-300W

The Konftel range is split into 3 parts. The new EGO unit for huddle rooms or small groups of up to 4. The 55 series systems as a compact audio conferencing product that will create a hands free environment for PC/Laptops via USB Connectivity primarily used with desktop based conference software, or to connect a desk or mobile phone cabled or via Bluetooth to provide crystal clear audio to share 2 way communications in a small group or for hands free operation.

The 300 series conference phones are designed to be used within a traditional meeting room environment. With different models providing analogue or IP connectivity, wireless or mobile network 3G/4G ready devices they can be deployed quickly. All units have the ability to record calls via a memory stick.

Ego Datasheet 55-Series Datasheet 300-series Datasheet 

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