ISDN Lines

TempuraVOICE ISDN services provide installation of either ISDN2e of ISDN30 lines for use with a telephone system or ISDN Based application service such as Video ISDN Gateways. The ISDN services are available with multiple telephone numbers assigned to each line allowing for DDI numbers to be issued across the user base. ISDN now much rarer with the availability and reliability of IP Voice services is still available to order for anyone needing the ISDN requirements to convert from ISDN to IP, for backup purposes or for use with older systems that have ISDN only capability. Then ISDN2e is 2 line service, ISDN 30 is 30 lines when fully populated but can be purchased from 8 channels to 30 channels. Lead time is approx 30 working days. Costs are dependent on the options selected so please contact us for an official quote.