VOIP Subscriptions

TempuraVOICE VoIP subscription service is now a mainstream service offering. When the solution was first launched by us in 2007 clients were looking for their telephone system. Nowadays the idea of a cloud based telephony solution is common place. The VoIP service enables customers to deploy IP handsets or software based applications running as phones and connect to any internet connection in order to connect to our service. 

The service gives each handset a telephone number for external calling and an internal extension to enable calls to be put on hold and transferred as with any other system. The service has options with regards to Hunt groups where selected phones ring when particular numbers are dialed, call recording, fax to email services and conference calling for up to 30 day calls.

The service is paired with our Yealink handsets and Konftel and Yealink conference phones as well as being used to enable IP voice calls inbound and outbound on the Lifesize Phones connected to the ICON series video systems.

Calls to other extensions with the service are free of charge and external call charges are very competitive thanks to our aggregated buying power to reduce call rates.

Home workers by using our service can broadcast the main office number to stop calls being returned to a home number and billing can be provided centrally rather than each home worked having to submit the expense claims or companies have charges for line rental for phone lines from remote workers locations.