Desktop IP PhonesYealinkT38G


Yealink IP Desk Based Telephones are number 2 in terms of units shipped worldwide. The range is split across 3 series of products:

  • T2 Series Phones – 8 Models in the range. 7 with Mono screen. Entry level T19 phone provides a low cost quality option for mass deployments.
  • T3 Series Phones – 2 Models both with Colour Screen. T32 and T38 Models (Model Shown).
  • T4 Series Phones – 4 Models in the range all Colour Screens, the flag ship T48 with a large touch screen display.

T19PN Datasheet  T22P Datasheet  T28PN Datasheet  

T38GN Datasheet  

Yealink T41PN Datasheet  Yealink T46GN Datasheet  T48GN Datasheet